by Yash Aggarwal, Max Ciotti, Neil Patil, Tristan Seifert, and Xuming Zeng.

QuickHAC (or qHAC, pronounced "quack") provides you with a quick and efficient way to keep up with your grades.

By harnessing the power of Google Chrome, QuickHAC checks HAC for you automatically and notifies you whenever your grade changes. It continues to check your grades (every hour by default) as long as you have Chrome running, so you never have to check HAC again.

Furthermore, QuickHAC colors in your grades according to how good they are. A 100 is always white, while lesser grades become either yellow, orange, or red, depending on how bad they are. This makes it easy to spot bad grades that need improvement.

An adjustable setting controls which grades are which color, depending on how much you care about your grades or how colorful you want them to be.

And best of all, QuickHAC is free, just like all of our previous apps.

Simulated grades shown.

Features Summary

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Your data is sent to but not logged by our server over a secure HTTPS connection. We will not attempt to peek at your grades or steal your information. We respect your privacy.


This software is provided as-is with no warranty, express or implied, to the extent permitted by applicable law. You are responsible for any consequences of using this software.

QuickHAC and its developers are in no way affiliated with Round Rock Independent School District or Austin Independent School District.

Source Code

Source code for QuickHAC is not released under any particular license. You are free to take a look at it, but please respect the rights of the authors and ask before doing anything with it.